Diane Calhoun

Diane Calhoun
Co-Owner at Southern Cross Ranch
Client since February 2008

"Maintaining a website is a lot of fun. But it can be a full time job, especially if your business has different events going on all the time. Luke Douglas with Webbering does a wonderful job of taking on a lot of the responsibility. He helped re-design our website to look and navigate different. I changed my mind about ten times and each time he was glad to make the last minute changes for me. If I wasn’t sure about something I could count on his knowledge and experience to help me make the right choice.

I keep a pretty busy schedule, so I don’t always have time to put articles together. All I have to do is upload my pictures and type up an article. Luke will come in and put it together, check my grammar, and make it look very professional! He will also do this any time I ask him, and he gets it done the same day. Also, I can communicate with him through email just as effectively as over the telephone, which can be easier and more convenient at times.

"I would definitely recommend his website services to anyone looking to start a website. He is very helpful, and the program he uses is up to date and user friendly. You will be really happy choosing Webbering and Luke Douglas as your website host."

Diane Weatherly Calhoun
Southern Cross Ranch